Thursday, March 27, 2008

commute liveblog

So I liveblogged my commute today on the Metrobus/Metrorail via twitter. Why? I have no idea, I was 90% asleep the entire time.

Twitter is actually kind of a poor way of doing this as it requires people to a) be actively following your twitterstream and b) read backwards. Also I can't correct typos and the iPhone is a bit of a pain to actually type, especially while in motion.

So with that in mind I decided to reprint it here. The only changes are fixing a few spelling errors, as much as I want to expand on the statements. Enjoy, if you must.

- "My bus" is inaccurate, as it's anyone's with 1.50$ & I ride a different one everyday. Still, I missed it.
- It came late; I felt a dime slip from my fingers into the grass as I got on, leaving me short for a transfer
- Two old men are arguing in Spanish, their voices cartoonishly raspy. The bus smells like metro transit.
- Glints in the safety glass look like snowflakes when the sun hits them. One of the old men is wearing grey wranglers
- As I get off I realize I had a nickel but not a dime in the Crown Royal bag I keep my tokens in. So close. I use another token.
- There's construction on a parking lot at UM for the umpteenth time and the tractor sounds like slate being dragged across diamondplate
- Metrorail platforms are the dullest place on earth. I am criminally early and feel a little ill.
- Seriously there is something wrong with that machine that WD40 will not fix, shut it off already!
- Through the trees i can see "rock power" written on the orange beast's neck. I'd argue the power is waning.
- Stand back from the platform edge
- 10 years ago I used to ride the metro to a summer program at Mast. Relieving, somehow, that it smells the same
- More than 10; I'm twice as old now as I was then. Odd to think about. Math makes easy comparisons.
- New cars new buildings but the same old streets move past
- Doppelgänger leaning against the plexiglass directly across from me in the right doorway. Differences: iPod nano, wedding band, hairline
- Past the ironically neighbored jenny craig / dunkin donuts on Dixie. Stomach still hurts.
- Cars fall behind, pass, catch up. They should just throw a rope to the train and hitch a ride, although it'd decapitate the trees
- Sad planetarium.
- Dip to ground level and come back up into rickell. Trees at eyelevel disorienting. Then shadow.
- Is it nice to live in a condo that stares straight into a Metrorail platform? I can't imagine so
- When I left last Friday there were chickens scratching the dirt outside the station. None today.
- The southbound train arrives just as I'm leaving. Briefly I ponder getting on it. Head isn't here right now.
- I hear paper being torn above my head ad I walk. Or possibly it's masking tape.
- Shadows made of concrete. Token trees. The streets are filled with sand.
- Pain turns into hunger. A brick oven pizza place is getting a pickup truck full of wood delivered
- Fake plants interposed with real ones. Bricks. A dead oak in a planter box.
- Out of Brickell's answer to Cocowalk and onto 8th st (notable feature: a BK)
- The condos line up like Spartans. A marching skyline.
- Discarded food, recognizable and unrecognizable, always line this underdeveloped section of 8th
- Just missed an elevator going up. Sensing a theme.
- Work sweet work. This ends my incredibly boring liveblog.

Ok so maybe it wasn't that boring, but subject-wise it certainly wasn't the most exciting thing to issue moment-to-moment updates about.

edit: Alesh from Critical Miami was following me on Twitter for about a day before (I presume) the above flood of twits drove him off? I find this funny somehow.

edit2: Yay! Added back!


OJ said...
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alesh said...

hehe sorry. I'm adding you back on!

for the record, I actually think this is a pretty cool thing to do.