Monday, May 26, 2008

mawwidge ... mawwidge is what bwings us together tewday

I've tried about a hundred different ways to approach writing about this, but it was such a whirlwind 4 days that it's hard to even put thoughts together about it. Suffice to say: my best friend got married and I was the one fortunate to perform the ceremony. Out of the experience, he got the woman of his dreams while I got a red guayabera. Mine was a consolation prize, but I'm totally cool with that.

The wedding itself was exactly as ridiculous as you would expect a union of a largely Danish family and an entirely Cuban family to be. Which is to say: very, very ridiculous. Deering Estate was gorgeous and perfect for a wedding of this smallish size.

I had many rejected ideas for the ceremony, most involving turning it into the emergency procedures presentation you get from the stewardesses at the start of every flight.

This is what I actually read:

Wilkkomen, buenas tardes, howdy, hello, hi.

We are joined here today for a very special occasion, not merely for the act of joining two souls in the most sacred way conceivable, but for the communal act of witnessing and taking stock in the people these two have touched and been touched by in their journey to this point. For this is not an event that happens every day and the people the people joined here by the ocean will likely never be collected together in one place again. Their being here is a testament to the love these two share and the love that connects us all.

Mauricio & Ellise, the importance of today cannot be understated. For today we celebrate your love for one another. Language lacks superlatives necessary to address this day, your wedding day.

For those of you who are unaware, I introduced these two 7 years ago, somewhere on the campus at the University of Miami just a few miles from here. At the time I saw two funny, somewhat cynical, and undeniably crazy people whom I was privileged to call friends. At the time I had no idea of the love that would blossom between them. Between now and then other people and other locales have wandered through their lives but they never lost touch with one another. Something special was there, something that like most cherished things grew, until one point someone started talking moving and marriage and their future together, and well it's all just been downhill from there, much to at least my delight. May the happiness you have brought myself and others only be returned to you tenfold in your life together.

Short and sweet. The remainder was business about rings and what not. It went off surprisingly well considering I never rehearsed it with them and wrote the majority of it the day previous. I knew the high school theater experience would pay off somehow someday.

The rest of the weekend was an exhausted drunken blur, which is to be expected and probably also sums up the preceding two days as well.