Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wynwood Art Walk, escapes to Fort Myers

So what's new and exciting? Not a whole lot, to be honest. But a few things worth relating:

Despite being back in Miami for 7 months (jeez, already?) and despite all the trips I've made back down here, I had never been to a Wynwood Art Walk. It wasn't that I didn't think it would be a fun time or that I disliked art, but more the fact that I lacked the appropriate group of people to go with. Most of my acquaintances who would do such a thing are the "see randomly" type of people. The kind of people who I would run into at such a thing but not really wander with.

Given time and a little effort though, acquaintances crystallize into friendships. Kind of like baking a pie, only with other people, and really having nothing to do with crystals at all, unless you pie is code for meth, in which case you will definitely cement friendships.

... where the holy hell was I going with this?

Oh yeah: art. Yay art! Long story short: I went to the last Art Walk and really enjoyed myself. I have no serious observations to make, except that my tourguide Liz had an expert plan for the entire evening, starting out early in the Design District where the crowds were older and the free booze better before heading south and seeing people our age and art we actually cared about.

I meant to bring my camera but alas did not. Instead though I will share a camouflaged photo of Nathan taken immediately after parking:
You can't see him unless he moves

Liz took about a thousand pictures (hint) that she has not (hint hint) shared (hint wink nod nudge hint wonk) anywhere (noodge).

Last weekend was a neverending pool party: Friday night actual party, then two days floating in Fort Myers with Andres:

and Kira:
there are like 40 of me

I think I am making a solemn pact to go to either Steak 'n Shake or Waffle House whenever I drive out of Dade County.

On Sunday we went to the flea market, and I will leave it to you which of my three purchases was best:

A. 10$
i <3 my truck

B. 12$

C. 100$
mini korg 700

Me? I think they're all pretty damn awesome.

Which brings you up to date. As for this weekend, it will be the one of sitting still. With the exception of another pool party tomorrow. And Oly playing at MOCA in 3 hours. And a birthday tonight. Jeez, can't a man sleep?

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EAT said...

Come over and steal my pics. I don't think I got any good ones from that night. I think I just got drunk, and then tired, and then my finger fell asleep, or something like that. We're on for next art walk?