Monday, September 1, 2008

labor day biking

Observations on a 13 mile bikeride from my home in South Miami to Rickenbacker Causeway via Coconut Grove and the University of Miami campus:

It was surprisingly hot and sunny giving the crazy stuff coming across the Atlantic.

I almost ran into two UM students riding those hideous green beach cruisers they've been selling to students. The sudden influx of 18 year olds into my neighborhood, the metrorail stations I use, and my local Target has me feeling old.

My old neighborhood (namely, South Grove) was unremarkable and Downtown Coconut Grove was sedate for a holiday. Lots of motorcycles though. I went to San Loco last night with a few friends and need to mention that there's nothing like a holiday weekend at the absolute lowest point of tourist season in Miami to bring the local weirdoes out. I was surprised the same wasn't true of the Grove.

A woman on was sitting alone on a bench in a random little vestibule they built into the wall of one of the fancier developments directly on Main Highway. Specifically, here:
She was wearing a sun dress and sunglasses and eating pieces of a honeydew with a fork. I caught only the briefest glimpse of her as I rode by, just long enough for her to glance at me while a piece finished the journey from container to mouth. I have no idea why she picked this particular spot considering Kennedy Park is less than a block away.

Unlike downtown Grove, Kennedy Park was hopping. There was a somewhat sad looking girl carrying an expensive camera setup around the park. I can't see how she could have been taking good pictures if she was so unhappy to be there, but there was a good chance I was misreading "fear of conflict with overzealous parents" as "woe is me".

I've never ridden underneath Rickenbacker before; there were 4 people fishing who seemed a little spooked by my presence. A bait fish sat on gutted on the wall, baking in the late afternoon sun and making me glad I elected to briefly be a mouth breather.

I had the choice between riding home, riding across Rickenbacker to Key Biscayne, or heading North and then across the Venetian Causeway to Miami Beach. After checking the slow leak in my back tire I chickened out and took the short route home.

I haven't ridden in at least two weeks and I haven't ridden regularly since March. I really want to change this.

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