Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Maybe I should make a habit of updating on Tuesdays.

I only have two observations today.

First, that I had to go through a lot of my old writing recently and would like to get back into the habit of focused writing. I write a lot, but much of it is off the cuff nonsense I scribble down in cognizance of my poor memory. I want to write something I can be proud of again, possibly here but possibly elsewhere.

Second, I kayaked around Coconut Grove Marina during the full moon tonight with a group of UM students. Checking now, there's a small craft advisory out. I don't know whether that was active while I was on the water, but considering the waves and the severe wind gusts on the trip back, I wouldn't be surprised. The water was gorgeous though, what with the waves and the moon and all, and while the wind blew pretty hard there weren't any whitecaps. As such it was only a concern around one bend of the trip and I was able to surf the tops of waves a bit, something I've never done before. As a friend said, it was just hard enough to be an interesting challenge.

Time for sleep. More soon hopefully.

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