Friday, November 21, 2008

Bike Miami November 2008

Bike Miami

Bikes! Downtown! Madness!

Ok, I'm not the best reporter or blogger. I get inspired rarely and usually the local stuff I do I halfass, namely leaving early or not going to at all. Hence why I am posting this over a week late.

So: Bike Miami. The first three words kind of sum it up, although there wasn't much of the "madness". There was a fair amount of people in spandex, a fair grouping of families, and a few kids on fixies going around in circles. There were a few people on homemade cartbikes and tandems, if that qualifies for "madness".


There was something exotic about being able to ride those streets on a bicycle. Hauling ass up and down the drawbridge was fun, as was cruising Flagler. However a lot of the businesses were closed, and understandably so; we weren't there to buy shoes, "fell of the truck" electronics, or luggage. I suppose one of the goals was to help downtown business, but there wasn't exactly much there to help to begin with (with the exception of Mary Brickell Village, which was hopping, and Bayside. Both probably saw a noticable uptick in patrons)

I came late in the day, after the rally and most of the events (see above "halfass" comment). By most reports though there weren't that many events, which I think was the day's biggest problem.

Also: the area was so large that the 1000 or so people that showed up seemed unimpressive if you stood still. Moving around it was rare to see the same face twice, but if you stood still you just watched a trickle of people zip by.

The mayor now wants to make these events monthly, which is awesome, but future events are not going to be able to rest on novelty and will need some additions to thrive as a regular event.

I'm thinking the two most important changes will be more stuff to do (say Bike Repair workshops or booths and vendors and the like) and tweaking the route so as to have fewer dead ends. Aside from that I'm really looking forward to the next one!

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