Saturday, June 27, 2009



My mac is quickly becoming unusable. It started with lines on the screen which have now branched out into the big fat bar of white you see in the picture above. Reports online generally state that a) it always happens after the warranty expires and b) it costs way too much to fix.

In retrospect, I have no one to blame but myself: my old imac (333 mhz, green) had a logic board failure that also cost more to fix than the cost of a new computer. My last laptop, the last of the TiBooks, had a hinge bust, the PC card slot fail, and currently has several busted keys. This new failure is not surprising but has still come much earlier than I expected considering I have only had this computer about two and a half years.

I believe the "apple tax" to be a myth, and the level of performance you buy with an Apple equals what you will get out of a PC of the same cost. However that doesn't take into account the fact that it is nearly impossible to find ANY product that has all of the following attributes: aesthetics, performance, and longevity. 1 and 2 Apple has in spades, but the third they have obviously lacked time and time again and refused to own up for their design failures and issue recalls or offer free repairs. The common answer to this is to purchase Applecare, which to be honest, IS the true Apple tax.

My next mac will be a mac mini or possibly a cracked netbook. Either will be cheap enough to be disposable in the event Apple's (or MSI's) shoddiness rears it's ugly head. This of course assumes I won't be sucked in by some new whizbang bit of user interface design (because honestly, multitouch trackpads are mesmerizing)

Most of the anger behind this rant may die down on Monday once I can visit an Apple Store and get an actual estimate for the cost of the repair. It will no doubt be far more than the cost of an external monitor, but I want to go anyway just for curiosity's sake.