Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scotch Cake - good idea? Bad idea? Awesome idea? Let's find out ... together.

Rumcake is a hallowed tradition in my family. Made from a recipe* passed down from generation to ... well, one generation so far. Also it was stolen from a family friend who got the recipe from god knows where. I can't imagine from Family Circle or anything because the recipe calls for about 12 shots of rum (3 of which are for the cook).

Yesterday, in the proud tradition of taking family traditions and messing them up horribly, I tried to make Scotch Cake. I knew you could make Whiskey Cake but I did not have whiskey when I planned a completely random birthday party. I just had scotch, and not even enough to really make the recipe as planned.

The alcohol comes into play two ways: first when you add it to the batter and second when you make the glaze. It's necessary to add it to the batter because you're also adding in pudding mix for extra moisture, thickness, and "holy crap this is good"ness.

However I didn't think you taste much of the rum in the actual cake and that most of the flavor came from the glaze, which is really just butter, sugar, and rum (and if the thought of those combined didn't make you drool, you sir or madam are not human).

Thus I just added extra water to the mix that made a good cake but not an amazing cake. I can tell you though that the glaze itself was incredible, which makes up for it. Next time - more scotch.


Cake Recipe -
1 box yellow cake mix**
1 box (large) cook n' serve vanilla pudding
1 cup rum or scotch

Glaze Recipe -
1 stick melted butter
1 cup rum
1 cup sugar (split between white and brown sugar if you like, otherwise just white)

Bake according to box directions in a very well greased and floured bunt pan with hazelnuts or pecans in the bottom. Let cool, pop onto plate or into a large bowl that will let the glaze sit in the bottom without spilling all over the darn place. Melt butter in the microwave but try to not melt it all the way (helps the glaze stick better) and mix in rum and sugar. Poke holes in the top with a toothpick or fork and SLOWLY drizzle glaze all over. If it forms a nice little shiny surface over the top of the cake you did it right. If not, doesn't matter, it still tastes gooooood.

* yeah not really a recipe if it involves a box is it
** see previous