Wednesday, October 7, 2009

posted more of a reminder to self than as a blog post

left of computer

Set list (in no order)
buckets of rain - bob dylan
nasty dan - johnny cash
james alley blues - traditional/wilco
rowboat - beck
straight to hell - the clash
5 O'Clock world - the vogues
dead kennedys - kill the poor (in a deadpan)
talking heads - the big country
mountain goats - international small arms traffic blues


alesh said...

I want to hear your rendition of the Talking Heads song. Lots of chords in that one...

krylonultraflat said...

lots of chords played on multiple instruments - I can't hope to replicate the slide guitar part.

basically, this:

It's actually so boring on uke I probably should remove it, but I needed some diversity.

Anonymous said...

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