Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mom's kit box

mom's kit box

My mom made dolls when I was a kid and spent a lot of time on the road going to doll shows all over the country.  She had a kit box she brought with her that contained more or less anything she might need for a quick fix.

The contents are basically the same as when I inherited it, to wit:
- small compass (without lead)
- tiny stapler
- rubber bands (these are actually too old and are turning to jelly)
- toothpicks
- lighter (mom smoked a lot)
- 4 inch long bubble level (?!)
- xacto knife and blades
- drafting clips
- pushpins and paperclips
- hair clips (long metal kind usually used to hold fabric as Tacky Glue was setting)
- needles and thread
- rounded needle nose pliers
- eyeglass repair kit
- ribbon style tape measure
- krazy glue (long since dried out, replaced with some JB Weld)
- a couple of brushes

... all meticulously organized and put into small plastic cases.  The only things I've added are things that needed replacing and my linoleum block cutters (seemed a good place for them).  I am by nature not an organized person but have kept this box together for two reasons: one because it's an heirloom to me at this point and two because it's saved my ass many times.

Today I was putting together a little book of pictures of Biscayne Bay.  I've never made a book and I've only recently started printing pictures again, so I thought I'd give it a shot.  I was trying to figure out a way to hold the pages together while I punched holes for thread.  I was pinching the book with one hand and digging through drawers with the other, looking for something I knew I wouldn't find when I thought to myself "I bet mom kept drafting clips in her kit."

Of course she did.