Monday, March 22, 2010

The Abbey

the scene

On 16th Street on South Beach, tucked innocently between Lincoln Road and a tire place on Alton, lies a small watering hole called The Abbey.

Miami Beach has it's share of beer bars at this point.  None are places I would take an out of towner, none are places I can go to with a book as easily as I can go with a group of friends looking for a good time.

the man

The bartenders will let you enjoy yourself or become a part of your evening with equal ease.  The beer selection exhibits an unparalleled sense of taste; the menu features no fillers or second rates and, perhaps most importantly for its sense of atmosphere, no food that can be considered a meal. 

the kids

A few months ago every storefront adjacent to it had been gutted and I assumed the building was slated for demolition.  Now each sports a new windows and doors and I assume rent has skyrocketed.  In either event, the result is the same: another Miami institution is being threatened by the march of progress. 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.